Chairman's Report  - Year ending April 2019

Annual Parish Meeting 


A number of members of the public were in attendance, saving their issues to the subsequent Parish Council meeting.


The Chairman Roger Clarke gave his annual report which highlighted all the work the Parish Council had completed during the year and how it had financially supported many groups in the Parish.


The Parish Hall with its massive refurbishment, the Cricket Club, Picnic in the Park, now an independent, hugely successful event with over 1500 people attending. We supported the school with a heat pump, obviously to warm the water which encourage its popularity, the Garden of Remembrance required tree maintenance and the Old Burial Ground holly hedge, always a problem to maintain, now replaced with a new hedge which will be much easier to maintain.


Several volunteers do a lot of work unknowingly to the many; Michael Fleck has maintained the Garden of Remembrance for many years, he does this purely as a service to the community. Nigel Bannister cleans the Banbury Lane road signs as necessary. Linda Hemming is the coordinator for over 130 contacts in our Neighbourhood Watch System. Andy Stewart edits the bi-monthly Around Pattishall that we share with Cold Higham and Grimscote and Bob Illingworth maintains the Parish website.


Our field pathways and bridleways are maintained by John Russell and John Woollett and Ann Atkin fought to retain the No.87 bus service which, the Pattishall Parish Council together with Hunsbury Meadow, Rothersthorpe, Green Norton and Towcester have underwritten and is now guaranteed until March 2020.


The Parish Council coordinated a very successful celebration of the schools 120th anniversary and the 100th anniversary of the Pattishall/Eastcote Prisoner of War Camp with over 150 people including the Deputy Lord Lieutenant of Northamptonshire attending the Blessing of the Commemoration Stone in School Road.


The Annual Spring Clean was supported by over 40 volunteers who completed the job in record time. This mainly due to less rubbish, thankfully. Thanks are extended to young and old from Beavers and Cubs to the older volunteers!


Roads throughout the parish continue to cause concern, following a toured guide by the County Councillor responsible for roads we are assured that 'some' work will be completed.


Two Councillors retired during the year and new Councillors have been recruited.


Thanks were expressed to all Councillors; Barry Evans, David Hodges, Mark Mitton, David Keeble, Robert Hart, Martin Gardner, Phil Parris and Jayne Hawtin for their work during the year and to Ann Addison, our Parish Clerk and Chief Financial Officer, who provides for our every need.


I have completed my 3 year stint as chairman and now stand down. Barry Evans takes over as Chairman with Martin Gardner as Vice Chairman.


Annual General Meeting of the Parish Council 


Owing to the Chairman's absence Roger Clarke chaired the meeting.


As has been the rule with the Parish Council each Councillor is allocated a portfolio, this helps to share responsibility and maintain interest.


The portfolio's include: finance, newsletter, highways, planning, allotment liaison, grass cutting, trees & hedges, village maintenance, school liaison, lighting, playing field inspection (monthly rota), notice boards and Neighbourhood Plan.


Pattishall Pre-school Group offer a daily service in the village hall, they have requested help to organise themselves as a committee and help with administering grant applications. They will be working more closely with the school and parents, so they can match the needs required.


Three Planning applications were considered by the Council, all gaining the Parish council support.


Current issues being addressed are street lights, car parking on the roads, broken manholes failed lights, broken swings, painting of play equipment and of course, road surfaces.


The Parish Council adopted the following Audit Matters; Internal audit date, External audit date, Parish Council accounts for 2018/2019, Annual Return, Standing Orders, Responsible Financial Officer, Internal and External Auditors, Financial Regulations & Risk Analysis Policy, Discrimination, Disability Policies and Complaints procedures, Review Effectiveness of Internal Audit, Finance Member checks invoices against cheques and note a trial quarterly balance and Annual Governance Statement.


The Council is considering installing posts along the verge in School Road opposite the school owing to the erosion of the verge by school traffic.