Pattishall Parish Hall - Make a Booking

Before making a booking, please check with the programme whether the hall you require is available. 


The current bookings can be viewed in Calendar format, or if you find it easier to read, in List format.


The programme shows which hall is being used, e.g. SH for small hall, LH for large hall and WH for both.  If no hall code is shown, either or both halls may still be available to hire.


You can request a provisional booking which we will hold for a time whilst you check your other arrangements.


To formally apply for a booking, please download the Hire Agreement Form, complete it and send it to the Bookings Officer with your deposit cheque. The deposit cheque (form states amount) should be made payable to Pattishall Parish Hall. The deposit cheque will be returned or destroyed after your event, subject to the terms of the hire agreement.


Your booking is confirmed when the Hire Agreement Form and deposit cheque have been received. Signing the hire agreement includes acceptance of the Security & Safety Instructions and Standard Conditions of Hire, which you can also download from this site.  


For general enquiries, or to request a booking, the Parish Hall Bookings Officer, Suzanne, can be contacted by email:  or by phone on 01327 830279.


Small Hall - Wedding celebration