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Safety Matters

This new, quarterly feature has been put together by The Fire and Rescue Service, Northants Police and Highways to keep the public informed about changes in the law and legislations,  promote various safety campaign and to provide advice on safety related matters.


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Memory Joggers

How good is your memory at remembering details of events you see in the course of your normal activities?  How well would you recall details of events such as a motor accident, a burglary or a fight?
When you report such matters to the police and they push you for greater detail how would you then manage?
In order to help in such circumstances we have been provided by the police with an intel card, to help you record details soon after the incident.

Click here for a printable version of the Memory Jogger

Latest updates from Nortamptonshire Police Community Connect:

There has been a burglary in Hodge Close.  This happened between 10.15 and 6.30pm yesterday.  Information received from Street Warden (Bob)
A window was forced and then the patio doors opened. Drawers rifled looking for money and jewelry. Only appear to have got away with 113 euros.


Police and forensics were on the scene.   No prints found. Neighbours never heard or saw a thing, and the thief would not have found it so easy to get round the back of the house.

There was some suspicious activity around Cornhill at around 2.00am on Friday 20 January. 


 A resident heard a‘knocking’ noise somewhere outside, he subsequently saw a vehicle – described as ‘an old banger’ – driving off down the hill towards Bugbrooke.  In daylight this morning, he found a Black & Decker mains-powered industrial-type circular saw in a moulded case dumped outside the gates to the farm.  The Police have been informed and the item handed to Daventry Police Station as probable stolen property.


Please be aware and keep reporting.



Northamptonshire Police are appealing for information regarding a Burglary Non Dwelling in Simons Walk Pattishall

This happened between Thursday 19th- Friday 20th January 2017 between 3pm-7:40am

Did you witness anything?

Did you see any person(s) in the area that looked suspicious?

Did you see any vehicle(s) that you were suspicious of?

If so, then please contact Northamptonshire Police on 101



Northamptonshire Police are appealing for information regarding a Burglary Butchers Lane, Pattishall
This happened on 10th January 2017 between 7am-12:30pm
Did you witness anything?
Did you see any person(s) in the area that looked suspicious?
Did you see any vehicle(s) that you were suspicious of?
If so, then please contact Northamptonshire Police on 101.

Please be aware. 
The person has now reported the incident on 101 and has a crime number. Did you see anyone acting suspiciously?


I was leaving my girlfriends house this morning at Astcote Hodge Close and found my car rear window has been smashed in, nothing was taken out of the car. This must of took place early hours of this morning as when I arrived last night was fine, I parked on the road under a street lamp. I was just messaging to inform you guys of what has happened and wondering if anyone saw or knows how and when it happened. Many thanks

Reminder – dogs on leads

Residents are requested to keep their dogs on a lead when walking them in the village.  This request is prompted by a recent incident of a dog off the lead attacking another.


I appreciate this isn’t a legal requirement, but there is a need for people to be in full control of their dogs at all times to avoid incidents or people or other dogs being attacked or injured by dogs loose off the lead.


PC 911 Mel Carter


Local Response Team 5, Towcester.  

Telephone 101 Ext 343501    Mobile 07557 778579 (778579)

Address: Towcester Police Station  | LRO Team 5 | Watling Street | Towcester | NN12 6DE


CRIMESTOPPERS: 0800 555 111


Please continue reporting anything suspicious on 01604 888964.   


You can also phone 101 to report incidents to the police including crimes, parking issues and suspicious circumstances.   When calling 101 select option 2 to report an incident or crime.


The Police control room works on a grading and queuing system on calls.

Non urgent incidents and crimes can also be reported using an online form which can be found at 

Someone is dedicated to reading the incidents online so will be picked up.


Pattishall Parish no longer has a PCSO assigned to them.   NHW Coordinators have been advised that  PCSO's no longer  have specific beats.

The new strategy is that Police staff working is much more fluid and gives them the freedom that anyone can answer an incident within a 5-shift working pattern.


If you would like any information on NHW please contact the Coordinator.

01327 830744


Neighbourhood Watch updates are also posted on Facebook.

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