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History Recorded in Pattishall

Saturday 10th November 2018 will be recorded as a day in the history making of Pattishall.


We were celebrating 120 years of Pattishall Church of England Primary School and Commemorating the Centenary of the closure of Eastcote Prisoner of War Camp. Two totally unrelated events but drawn together through celebration and commemoration.


They became associated because the pupils have recorded their own school's 120 years of history and completed a project about the POW camp. Emma McLean the Head Teacher explained what they had done and the pupil’s work was displayed. A school choir, organised especially for the day, sang two songs beautifully with one specially written by one of the teachers and has been entered into a competition!


Colin Chapman the co-author of 'Detained in England' shared his recent research and findings about the camp. There is definitely a second book in the offering! Little did we know of the importance of the Eastcote Camp - it was the central figure in the South East corner of England coordinating all camps down to the south coast, through Kent and up to East Anglia.


100 years ago, in the fields opposite the school, a World War 1 Prisoner of War Camp was established, Eastcote Camp, which at one time held 4,509 POWs and had a great impact on the life of the local community.


At the end of the war, the POWs were repatriated, the camp closed, and the buildings taken down and the fields returned to farming. (Two of the buildings were removed to School Road and one became the Village Hall until the early 1980's)


For 100 years, there has been nothing to show that the camp ever existed. The Parish Council decided to commemorate this very important part of our Parish history with a Memorial Stone – now sited on the grass verge opposite the school.


It is hoped that both present and future generations will be aware of Eastcote Camp.


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