News from the Parish

Northamptonshire ACRE bulk oil buying project

You may remember that last autumn saw the launch of the Northamptonshire ACRE Bulk Oil Buying Project. We're pleased to report that it's fully up and running.

Since we began in October our membership has grown to almost 60.


Click here to view the prices negotiated on behalf of the members and the average member savings.

County Connect Bus Service


Today we can take advantage of computer and mobile communications technology to schedule the bus to take people to their local towns when they need to go, six days per week. Many villages therefore have a daily service for the first time, and because the service is available from 7am-7pm Monday-Friday, as well as on Saturdays, it can meet demand for journeys to work or college, creating opportunities especially for younger people. You can also now easily reach a doctor's appointment, or take advantage of events and clubs, which was not possible when there was only a bus or two each week. Staying late after school for music of sports practice also now need not involve mum's taxi!


The service runs from bus-stop to bus stop. That means that many much more direct routes are available on CountyConnect. You can go directly to medical centres and supermarkets. Rather than change buses or walk a distance from the town centre bus stops as you did with fixed routes. We also have modern low-floor buses with plenty of space and wheelchair/buggy access. They are clearly branded.


CountyConnect is transforming rural accessibility. In fact, at a time when running a car is becoming especially expensive, it really might become possible to live without a second car in many villages. We have designed fares to be competitive with other bus services by distance. with returns and child discounts available to the age of 16. CountyConnect also discounts for regular users: a 12-journey ticket costs £29.50, for any distance trip. For families or groups of up to five people, you can take advantage of a group fare where up to 5 can travel for less than the price for two.


You do have to register to use the service, which is free of charge. Then you book each journey, as you need to, and pay or show your pass as you board. While we encourage people to book ahead to secure their journey, up to a week in advance, if you do need to go to town at up to an hour's notice it may well be that you can be accommodated.


Finally, if you need to travel further, we have a deal with Stagecoach that allows you to connect to most longer-distance buses within Northamptonshire and to some neighbouring counties. In the same way if your journey starts on a Stagecoach bus, show your valid Stagecoach ticket or pass to get the same deal on CountyConnect.