Pattishall Parish - Northamptonshire, England

Pattishall Parish includes the villages of Astcote, Dalscote, Eastcote, Fosters Booth, Pattishall and the hamlet of Cornhill. It is set in a rural area on the borders of the Northamptonshire Heights and the Nene Valley. Located 6km north of Towcester adjacent to the Roman Watling Street (A5) and Banbury Lane, an ancient drove way.

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Pattishall Parish Hall - Roof renovation

Pattishall Parish Hall roof is undergoing a major renovation.  The roof has been leaking in many places over several years despite having been repaired at various times.  
The problem became more acute when after one deluge the rain came through the large hall, running down the walls and through the ceiling tiles bring one down.  After surveying it was decided that the tiles needed replacing with more overlapping.  While this major work was being commissioned it was deemed sensible to have better insulation installed and to comply with  recent building regulations.  The cost is now expected to be £50,000.
We have received grants from South Northants Council, Pattishall Parish Council  and Garfield Weston. The remainder of the funding will come from Pattishall Parish Hall Association.  We will continue fund raising as this project will use most of our funds and we still have the normal costs and maintenance to cover.
We would be pleased if you can support our events in order to maintain our community facility.  We would appreciate your understanding of the disruption to the hall and car park whilst the work is ongoing. 
Iris Illingworth