Pattishall Parish - Northamptonshire, England

Pattishall Parish includes the villages of Astcote, Dalscote, Eastcote, Fosters Booth, Pattishall and the hamlet of Cornhill. It is set in a rural area on the borders of the Northamptonshire Heights and the Nene Valley. Located 6km north of Towcester adjacent to the Roman Watling Street (A5) and Banbury Lane, an ancient drove way.

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Pattishall Swimming Club

The swimming pool at Pattishall School has managed to secure a place in Tesco's 'Bags of Help' scheme.

This is a 'token in the box' scheme when you shop at Tesco. Could we encourage you all to tell your friends and family about voting for us and, of course we would really appreciate if you could shop at Tesco and put a token in the box for us. If we are voted the winner, it would mean a grant of £4000. The voting box is in store now and you can vote until the end of February.

Our biggest expense each year is electricity. A small a amount of this
is to run the circulation pump but the majority is to heat the pool to
its recommended temperature of 25-28 degrees. This normally costs us round £1300 to heat the pool for just 3 months. We are raising the money from Tesco to install an 'air source' heat pump. This system takes heat from the air and transfers it to the water. We will still need to keep the electric heater as a back up and to 'top up' the heat when the air is not so warm, but it should save us a considerable amount of electricity.


This is better for the environment as we're 're-cycling the heat from the air, but more importantly, is better for our funds and could mean that we are able to open the pool for a longer period of the year. We're often asked if we can open in May, or stay open into September when the weather is still good, but the expense outweighs the usage normally.


We are also looking at useful ways in which the pool can be used by the wider community, so any ideas, let us know.


Thank you in advance for your votes.

Best regards

Pattishall Swimming Club