Pattishall Parish - Northamptonshire, England

Pattishall Parish includes the villages of Astcote, Dalscote, Eastcote, Fosters Booth, Pattishall and the hamlet of Cornhill. It is set in a rural area on the borders of the Northamptonshire Heights and the Nene Valley. Located 6km north of Towcester adjacent to the Roman Watling Street (A5) and Banbury Lane, an ancient drove way.

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Around Pattishall

There will be a June edition of Around Pattishall and we are looking for articles that may be of interest to others within the Parish. Perhaps you have discovered a new hobby, made a lockdown recipe, been on a great walk around the parish or have an interesting / fun anecdote to share.
The more senior members of the parish perhaps have memories of VE Day or life in the parish following the war. Photographs of any 75 th Anniversary VE Day related celebrations welcome.

Please do send your articles to the editor Andy Stewart, by 10th June, details in the Around Pattishall
If you require any further information contact Barry Evans( chair of Parish Council) 07790 041494 ,

Children sleep out for Hope

On Friday and Saturday night (1 and 2 May) a group of children from the reception class at Pattishall primary school wanted to join together and raise vital funds for The Hope Centre in Northampton. The children decided to either camp in their garden, some in tents others under a gazebo in cardboard boxes. Other children slept on their kitchen floors in cardboard boxes. All the children and families have been blown away with the generosity that has been raised for The Hope Centre so far....currently the grand total is £2640 !!! These funds will go towards the incredible work that the hope centre does for the vulnerable and homeless people of Northamptonshire. 


Some quotes from the kids: 

Oliver - I was super duper excited to sleep outside in the tent.  It was cold and wet but we raised lots of money to help people find homes and to give them some food. 
Leo - It's cold for them and its sad..they don’t have a house or covers to keep them warm..I want to give them all my money because they don’t have any.
Wilfred - We camped out in our cardboard tent to raise money to help people who might not have a home and to help keep people safe.


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