New book about Eastcote POW Camp

Detained in England 1914-1920


By Colin R Chapman and S. Richard Moss - Price £9.99


At the outbreak of war in 1914 thousands of men, including merchant seamen, with Germanic surnames were interned in Britain.  As the war progressed these camps held Prisoners of War captured in mainland Europe.  The camp at Eastcote held many thousands of German, Austrian, Bulgarian and Turkish POW’s over this period.  In this illustrated book Colin Chapman and Richard Moss tell the amazing story of the WW1 POW Camp situated alongside Birds Hill and Banbury Lane.


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Pattishall: A Parish Patchwork

An illustrated hsitory of life and times in the villages of Pattishall, Astcote, Eastcote and Dalscote. Price £5 plus post and packaging.


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Pattishall - a pocket history


“…in the Town of Pateshull are four and forty houses…in Fosters


Booth 4 houses…Astcote…a village of seven and twenty


houses…Eastcote…now a village of four and thirty houses and Dalscote


a village of fourteen houses.”



 Since 1720, when John Bridges wrote this description, the parish has seen many changes - Read more local history