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Thefts and Burglaries.


Recently there have been a series of offences within Pattishall Parish including thefts from vehicles, gardens, number plate stolen and an attempted burglary (in which the burglar was disturbed and managed to get away). This is happening in surrounding villages too.  The Police believe this is part of a much bigger series of offences being perpetrated in South Northants.


Please make sure your vehicles, sheds, houses and gates are locked.  If you are a victim of a theft please report to the Police (even if you didn't lock your property).  




The Police are very interested in any CCTV footage showing suspicious persons/vehicles. 

  • CCTV must be produced to the Police by persons owning it so that it can be exhibited properly and provides continuity of that evidence for CPS and ultimately Court.
  • CCTV will only be evidential if it shows a person committing an offence.
  • Any Stills or CCTV forwarded by a third party may be used in intelligence – to allow the Police to quickly circulate to officers to try to identify an offender but they still need the original footage.
  • CCTV that just shows a person only can be used to corroborate that they were present in a location but does not prove they committed the offence.
  • If residents are struggling to create stills or a copy of the footage then they can contact the Police direct. They will try to get an officer to come and assist.


Please remain vigilant and continue reporting any suspicious incident/persons/vehicles on 101.  Sometimes the phone is not answered – this is because 999 phone calls at that time are so high there is no one to answer 101.


However, if you phone 101 from a mobile there is a call back option.

  • If Offenders are nearby       call 999
  • If a crime is in progress       call 999
  • Injury caused/threatened     call 999
  • In an emergency                 call 999
  • If a life is at risk                  call 999


If you would like to receive up to date information on crime and suspicious incidents in our Parish it is easily accessible by:


Joining our email loop                 Contact the Coordinator

Pattishall Parish Website             There is a quick link to the NHW page

Facebook                                   PattishallParishNeighbourhoodWatch                                                    


Linda Hemming (NHW Coordinator)

Tel 01327 830744

Updated 8 April 2019

Please continue reporting anything suspicious however trivial it may seem immediately on 101.


If you require "No Cold Calling" stickers for doors/windows please contact the Coordinator or your street warden.


    If you would like to receive up to date information it is easily accessible        by:


  • Joining our NHW email loop - Contact the Coordinator
  • Pattishall Parish Website - There is a quick link to the NHW page
  • Facebook - PattishallParishNeighbourhoodWatch


Linda Hemming (NHW Coordinator)

Tel 01327 830744


Home security checklist


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Memory Joggers

How good is your memory at remembering details of events you see in the course of your normal activities?  How well would you recall details of events such as a motor accident, a burglary or a fight?
When you report such matters to the police and they push you for greater detail how would you then manage?
In order to help in such circumstances we have been provided by the police with an intel card, to help you record details soon after the incident.

Click here for a printable version of the Memory Jogger