Neighbourhood Watch

Police Beat Bus


will be at Pattishall Village Hall Wednesday 8th December 11-12pm


Please visit the Beat Bus.


This is an excellent initiative by the Police team in showing their presence in the community at large, something which is most valuable to their efforts in keeping law and order, and which is reassuring to everyone.  

You can meet PCSO Matt Taylor, who is very approachable and will be happy to answer any queries you may have.  At the very least, please show them that they have our full support.


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Please be vigilant and continue reporting any suspicious incident/persons/vehicles straight away on 101 – don’t wait!  If it is a long wait you are offered a call back.


If offenders are nearby call 999


You can also report non urgent incidents online.  If it is urgent do not report online.


The Police are very interested in any CCTV footage showing suspicious persons/vehicles.  If residents are struggling to create stills or a copy of the footage then they can contact the Police direct.  They will try to get an Officer to come and assist


ANPR network


In the last year the number of cameras in Northamptonshire’s ANPR network has doubled.  This has resulted in the disruption and detection of serious crime and the arrest of 340 people, putting a ring of steel around the county to deny criminals the use of our roads.


Linda Hemming (NHW Coordinator)

Tel No.  07756 027051


Memory Joggers

How good is your memory at remembering details of events you see in the course of your normal activities?  How well would you recall details of events such as a motor accident, a burglary or a fight?
When you report such matters to the police and they push you for greater detail how would you then manage?
In order to help in such circumstances we have been provided by the police with an intel card, to help you record details soon after the incident.

Click here for a printable version of the Memory Jogger