Bus Timetable


Route 87 Bus Timetable effective 28 July 2019 - Timetable

Improved bus service for Astcote, Eastcote and Pattishall

From 1st September 2015 our bus service will be run by Country Lion.

Although the timings are about the same as before there are some notable



The first bus after 9.30 am (when bus passes can be used) will now

commence at 9.32 am from Eastcote towards Towcester (previously the first bus from Eastcote to Towcester was not until around 11.30 am).


Buses to Northampton will now go via Sainsbury's at Sixfields giving

more options for shopping (Boots, M & S, Next, Lidl etc.).  This also gives the possibility of going to the Cinema in the afternoon if the timings are right.


On Saturdays the bus could be used to go to and from the Saints or

Cobblers matches.


The bus will also stop near Northampton Train Station before going into

the Drapery Bay 19 (outside McDonalds).


Although our buses are not very frequent these changes in the route do

give more possibilities.  Please try and make use of the service when you

can as this will help to ensure it continues and also, hopefully, in time

give us a more frequent service.


If you have any queries or problems do let me know.  I will be placing a

copy of the timetable on village notice boards very soon.


Ann Atkin

Pattishall Parish Bus User Group