Pattishall Parish - Northamptonshire, England

Pattishall Parish includes the villages of Astcote, Dalscote, Eastcote, Fosters Booth, Pattishall and the hamlet of Cornhill. It is set in a rural area on the borders of the Northamptonshire Heights and the Nene Valley. Located 6km north of Towcester adjacent to the Roman Watling Street (A5) and Banbury Lane, an ancient drove way.

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DHL Planning Application Update – A5 north of Towcester

At the Parish Council meeting on 12th January we discussed the latest position with the DHL AL1 Planning Application (WNS/2021/1819/EIA) and how the PC should respond to this.


Several important new documents have been posted on the Planning Portal and the deadline for commenting on these is 11th February. These include a new version of DHL’s Traffic Impact Modelling Report, a revised independent Review of the Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA) which has been completed following some changes in building heights, and comments by the WNC Senior Economic Growth Officer about the types of industries and jobs which would be most appropriate for Towcester’s Employment Allocation sites.


The Parish Council has now agreed our responses to these documents and these are available for parishioners to view on the Parish Website. (Click on the links at the foot of this article) 


We have continued to object to this application as we believe it will be seriously detrimental to our lovely rural area and our parishioners, and we have strongly urged WNC to reject it.


We are aware of the strong feeling in our community and recognise that many of you posted objections about the potential use of Beggars Lane to dispose of spoil from the DHL site. We therefore encourage all parishioners who wish to make comments about these new documents to do so urgently as the deadline is 11th February.


You can submit your comments via the Online Planning Register using the following link and then click on Comment on this Application.


Parish Council - Response Documents


Pattishall Parish Council Comments on Version 5 of the AIMSUN Traffic Modelling Report        


Pattishall Parish Council Comments on the Review of DHLs revised Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment (LVIA)


Pattishall Parish Council Comments on WNC Senior Economic Growth Officer correspondence with Daniel Callis (Case Officer)