Parish Council Accounts

Parish Council Accounts for year ending 31 March 2017

The Parish Council accounts have just been completed/certified by BDO the external auditors, who state that there were no matters which came to their attention which required issuing a separate additional 'issues arising' report.


Accounting Statements 2016/2017

Pattishall Parish Council Accounts - year ending 31 March 2017


Ann Addison

Clerk to the Parish Council 

Proposed Precept/Budget 2017/2018

The Parish Council has managed the financial affairs of the Parish on a prudent basis for several years by not increasing the Precept (the amount of money the Council requests from South Northants Council to cover Parish expenses).


This includes the cost of:


Electricity, both supply, repairs & the cost of replacing the old concrete & wooden columns.

Dog Waste Bins, the purchase, installation & emptying

Playground Equipment, Maintenance, purchase of new equipment, insurance cost, Annual inspection costs

Grass mowing, You will have noticed the huge improvement in grass maintenance this year, with added areas now covered in the mowing contract.


Added to the above is the cost of the Clerk's salary & payroll expenses, Annual Audit fees - both internal & external (the Parish Council is audited three times each year)


Printing of Around Pattishall, the cost of maintaining the Website, the hire of the Parish Hall for meetings.


The Parish Council Insurance bill is now being reviewed due to rising costs.  


The Parish Council takes pride in being able to provide the 'services' demanded by the community.


Roger Clarke

Chairman, Pattishall Parish Council


Proposed Precept/Budget 2017/2018

Parish Council Accounts for the year ending 31st March 2016


The Parish Council's accounts have balanced & been agreed by Members.  The paperwork has now been sent to the external auditors.


Parish Council Accounts for year ending 31 March 2016


Internal Audit Annual Return


Bank reconcilliation