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Pattishall Parish Council Chairman's Notes December 2017

Clear View Planning Ltd through Mr Luntz made a presentation of the latest proposal for the Red Lion Pub site. This amounts to the Red Lion being retained as a public house with 18 car parking spaces to the rear and a pair of semi-detached and one detached, all 2 bed dwellings off the same driveway.


The three dwellings without garages would have six car parking spaces backing onto the A5 boundary. Councillors together with members of the public raised questions about the authenticity of the retained pub. The agent could only respond by confirming that would be part of the planning application. Generally there was a feeling of re-assurance.


Coincidentally, Mr S Holtom, the owner of the land to the north of the Red Lion site has just registered an application for three 2 bed dwellings on that land with a separate access onto the A5. The details had not been made available to the Parish Council, so there was no further comment.


South Northants Council responded directly to the questioner, to his satisfaction, the questions raised at the last Parish Council meeting about the Local Plan village confines.


More than 400 communications were registered during the consultation period for the whole District, which amounted to over 1000 issues to be addressed and considered. Some developers asked a series of questions for clarification. All communications will be listed on the South Northants website together with the considered responses hopefully by January 2018.


The grass, verges and churchyard have had their final cut of the year and commenting from the responses we have received you are happy with the manner in which our contractors have maintained all the areas.

The Old Burial Ground hedge alongside Blacksmiths Close will have an extreme cut and trim in January and thereafter will be maintained at a manageable height.


Highways have completed repairs along the Dalscote Road, Church Street and hopefully will have completed School Road by the time you read this. All done to a pretty poor standard! (Blame it on the County Council's lack of resources).


Street lights are repaired as and when EON are notified. If you see a light not working please record its number and inform Gabriel Abrahams our Councillor with Lighting Responsibilities.


Martin Gardner of School Road, Pattishall has been co-opted onto the Parish Council following the vacancy created by John Woollett's retirement.


The Council considered a planning application for a timber framed building for an office at 50 The Crescent, Pattishall and supported the application.

An Enforcement Notice was issued against the tall building at Harefield farm, Eastcote. Subsequently the owner has lodged an Appeal. The Appeal will be determined on written representations only, with all representations having to be made by 9th January 2018.


The Parish Council have made a loan available to enable the Parish Hall committee to settle the re-roofing account.




Roger Clarke

Chairman-Pattishall Parish Council